Review of Quality Importers Milano 75-100 Cigar Humidor

A cigar humidor can be described as the room or box that is made for the purpose of storing and aging cigars at amazonbuttonnormal room temperature and with the optimal humidity ranging between 68 and 78 percent. The mentioned specifications of temperature and humidity are the factors that actually help to maintain the basic goodness of the cigars, i.e. flavor.

The box humidor usually consists of a system for maintaining the humidity inside the box. This humidification device adds or removes moisture from within the box so that the perfect level required for maintaining the flavour of the cigars can be sustained. There is a hygrometer, i.e. the instrument for measuring relative humidity inside the box and is helpful in measuring the internal humidity level. The personal humidors are made in such a way that they do not consume much space, yet capable of holding enough cigars for the user.

The basic utility of the cigar humidor is in storing, preserving and helping in the aging process of cigars for quite a long time. In addition to these functions, this unit can be used as a great item for home décor. People who are careful about their cigars are of the view that a cigar humidor involves small investment of cash that finally provides them with the protection facility for their costly cigars for really longer period, and thus it is a positive investment.

When you are passionate about cigars, you will obviously look for the humidor that is capable of maintaining the quality of your cigars. The cigar humidor by Quality Importers is one such thing that will satisfy you.

Top Features of Rosewood Milano 75-100 Cigar Humidors

This box cigar humidor from Quality Importers can hold up to 100 cigars. The rectangular box consists of one round humidifier along with a hygrometer to measure the relative humidity level inside the box. The manufacturer uses the sure seal technology to make sure that the humidor is completely airtight, by ensuring excellent lid seal while the box is closed.

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The internal parts of the box are made out of high quality Spanish cedar, which is dried in a kiln for proper seasoning. The internal chambers of the box consist of a lift out tray at the top and two more dividers at the lower part. There is a top tray as well, where you can store the favorite cigars and can grab them quickly. The two dividers help to create three compartments and you have the liberty to keep your collection in much organised way. All these parts are lined with the Spanish cedar wood as well. The outer part is available in rose wood finish, which obviously creates a fabulous look for the box. The lock and key are plated with gold and there is a hanging tassel to add up to the beauty.

The hidden quadrant hinges actually enables the box to open and close smoothly and these hinges are hidden in such a way that they do not make the box look ugly. There is room for 100 cigars and that is really a great number for individual smokers. But it has been noticed by users that keeping the entire box filled to the brim is not that good. It is best to keep some extra space inside, so that the sorting can be done with ease. When you have this box holding at least 75 cigars, it is obvious that you will not have to buy any other box for your collection of cigars.

When you have a cigar humidor to store your cigars, it is necessary for you to check the internal humidor device regularly. This unit often leaks and results in destroying the cigars. If you are able to identify any problem, you can solve it by changing the humidor device. All you need is to be careful and your cigars will be best stored in the beautiful Rose wood box.

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Quality Importers makes a variety of humidors specifically for aesthetic purposes as well, attempting to match your visual preferences to a high quality item. The Capri Glass Top Humidor by Quality Importers is an example of an alternative to the Milano.

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