Review of Quality Importers Capri 25-50 Cigar Humidor

Because we want to preserve our best cigars and make sure that they remain in perfect condition while in storage, a amazonbuttonhumidor becomes a necessary device in our homes and offices. If you don’t own a humidor yet, or simply want to add one to accommodate your different types of cigars, it would be smart to consider getting the Quality Importers Capri 25-50 Cigar Humidor.

With this humidor, you will have a safe place to store your precious cigars; because aside from the need to protect it from becoming stale too soon, you need to protect it from insects that feed on tobacco products as well.

Keep in mind that choosing a well respected cigar humidor is really important as you would want to end up with an effective and efficient unit. Otherwise, it will be like keeping your favorite cigars in an ordinary box where it can easily dry out and become stale after a while. Quality Importers can be the brand that you desire — a reputable company with a history of quality craftsmanship. They are a brand we speak of often, as 3 of our top 5 cigar humidors are of the Quality Importers variety, including the Cigar Caddy 3240, the Quality Importers Travel 10 Humidor, and the Capri Glass Top Desktop Humidor.

Top Features of the Quality Importers Capri 25-50 Cigar Humidor

This model of Quality Importers humidor can hold up to 50 pieces of medium and large size cigars. If you’re going to place small brands of cigars in it, it can hold more than 50 pieces.

There’s a round humidifier located inside the box; and this facilitates the proper maintenance of humidity level inside the humidor. The patented Sureseal technology seals the lid, making it airtight; and because of this, the cigars inside the humidor become well preserved.

Spanish cedar wood makes up the lining inside the humidor; and that includes the sides, bottom, inner covering, and divider of the humidor. Aside from being a good type of wood, cedar is also good in maintaining the moisture level inside the box so as to keep the stored cigars fresh for a long time.

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The Mahogany design refers to having a mahogany finish; so don’t expect the unit to contain Mahogany parts on the humidor itself. This finish makes this device not only useful as a container for your cigar but as a decorative element in any room too.

As you can see, this is really a well made and well crafted model; that’s why a lot of cigar smokers already consider it one of the top cigar humidors for the money. It can hold and maintain humidity levels well, thereby protecting and storing your favorite cigars properly. But if you want, you can also use humidity beads.

Note that the Quality Importers Capri 25-50 cigar humidor is very affordable and has all the basic features that you’d care to look for in a humidor. The seal on the humidor is incredible.

The only thing that some consumers found quite inefficient in its design is that it doesn’t come with a glass top. And since the humidifier is also located inside the unit, it becomes quite necessary to open the lid every now and then to check on the humidity level and condition of your cigars. Note, however, that humidors with glass tops are typically more expensive than solid and closed type models.

All in all, we can say that this is really one of the best cigar humidors on the market right now. It looks great since it comes in a classy Mahogany wood design. The inside lining which makes use of cedar wood is both durable and effective in holding moisture too. As for the cost, it really comes at a very reasonable price.

With its versatile design and divider, you can segregate different types of cigars when stored in this humidor. Its large capacity also allows for the storage of several pieces of cigars depending on the size. There are those who are able to keep as many as 100 pieces of thin and small types of cigars in this model of humidor.

So if you want your cigars to taste as good as new as the first day you bought them, make sure that you store them in a high quality humidor. The Quality Importers Capri humidor is one of your best choices today.

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