Review of Prestige Import Milano Countertop Display Humidor

The Milano countertop display humidor is a very tactful and presentable humidor to display in your home. It amazonbuttonprovides a spacious storage capacity which allows the humidor to hold up to 125 cigars. This elegant humidor has a counter top display that contains 3 angled shelves with dividers and 4 glass sides that enhances a full view of 360 degrees.

The humidor is made from dark mahogany and is ideal for retail use. Even cigar enthusiasts are enchanted with the glass sides that provide a beautiful view for those who love to display their cigar collection. Every Milano Countertop Display Humidor is accompanied with a lock and key that safeguards all the contents held in it.  This Milano countertop humidor includes two humidifiers and an external hygrometer for easy monitoring of humidity.

This humidor is worth the price tag because you’re getting top value for the money you spend. From its capacity, beauty and functionality makes this a state of the art product ideal for your expensive cigar collection. The door seals completely when closed to keep away humidity and light that can damage the stored cigars. This is an intelligent piece that guarantees only quality with an unmatched beauty. It’s a safe bet, doesn’t come with a huge cost, and is where you can brag to your friends about your “expensive” cigar collection.

From its elegance and functionality, this humidor has numerous benefits. It has a proper seal that ensures maximum safety for the cigars in it by securing them from any damage that can be caused by humidity as well as light. The design for this intelligent piece of work gives it the elegance that comes with expensive cigars. The capacity for this product makes it ideal for cigar enthusiast since it can accommodate up to 125 units of cigars. The humidity for this humidor is correctly regulated thanks to the external hygrometer where you don’t necessarily have to open the box. Not to forget the glass sides which is an awesome addition providing 360 degrees viewing of your cigar collection.

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This is one of the humidors customers are flocking too based its top features and functionality. Given some humidors cost more and offer less, this is easily one of the top cigar humidors cigar lovers can acquire.

Top Features of the Milano Countertop Display Humidor

  • This Milano humidor has a capability to hold up to 125 cigars, making it ideal for cigar owners who have a big collection and are always entertaining guests or have company over. Also idea for owners who are concerned about the number of cigars a humidor can handle
  • It has a counter top display made from dark mahogany which makes it durable
  • The sides for this great product are made of glass that enables 360 degrees view for your cigar collections
  • It comes with two humidifiers
  • This magnificent Prestige Import humidor has an external hydrometer that enables easy monitoring of the humidity level
  • It maintains a tight seal when the door closes to protect the stored cigars from light and humidity that can ultimately destroy them.


Very few humidors can compete with this outstanding ingenious piece of art. The Prestige Import Group Milano Countertop Display Humidor is a dream come true to an owner with an extensive cigar collection. With its elegance, stability and beauty, these features leave no comparison to others in the market.

The glass sides makes it easy for you to show off your favorite cigars to friends and family. With an incredible capacity to hold over a hundred cigars, you’ll always have a great selection to dole out. The key aspect that some overlook but is ultra important is the amazingly tight seal that comes with this remarkable humidor.

If the Milano is too big for your liking, you can opt for the slightly smaller Valencia by Prestige Import Group. It has the same style and sophistication you’d expect from this brand.

And if you’re looking for a humidor that can hold more than 100 cigars, check out the Cuban Crafters Exotica Ebony Humidor.

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