Quality Importers Traveler 10 Cigar Travel Humidor Review

People who buy humidors are looking to protect their investment of cigars especially if they are high-quality. Theamazonbutton best cigar humidor will help keep humidity in the cigars and keep them fresh until it is time to smoke them. By keeping the cigars moist, a person can conserve as many cigars as they would like to knowing they remain good. Whether a person has 3 cigars to save or 50, a humidor is a wise investment because a person can’t possibly smoke all of their cigars at one time.

Humidors come in all shapes, sizes, and finishes for a buyer to choose from for their next purchase.  Depending on how many cigars you have in your possession or how many you plan of conserving will help you identify which size is right for your needs. Understanding your ultimate goals for a humidor will help you determine which type of humidor is right for your next purchase. People who collect cigars will have different requirements than people who just want to bring some on vacation.

One of the hot humidors on the market right now is the Quality Importers Traveler 10-Cigar Travel Humidor. If you’re more of a light smoker or only like to have a handful of cigars in reserve, then this is an ideal choice for you. This goes for any humidor you’re looking to buy — understanding the benefits and features of each cigar humidor will help you settle on the one that is most ideal for you. Let’s take a better look at the features of the 10 Cigar Humidor by Quality Importers.

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Top Features of the Traveler 10 Cigar Humidor by Quality Importers

The Traveler 10-Cigar Humidor is considered one of the premier cigar humidors because of all of the desired features it has to offer a consumer. This humidor can hold up to 10 cigars and is lightweight and durable enough to take on vacation. This option includes one humidifier on the top of the lid when it is opened and the SureSeal technology ensures the lid will close properly every time.

The seal technology that is used is guaranteed to keep moisture out of the box and keep the cigars inside fresh until they are ready to be used. This humidor also includes magnets around the edges of the humidor secures the lid shut and prevents it from opening.

The affordable price allows a user to test a humidor without spending an extreme amount of money on their first purchase. A beginner to humidors will be able to learn what they like about the specific humidor and can choose to upgrade at a later date if desired. If they do upgrade, this travel humidor can be placed in another room as a backup. The price of this option also allows for multiple humidors to be purchased as gifts. They can easily be inscribed with initials or dates as well. It is a great option to consider if you have a large family or a large wedding coming up in the near future.

The sleek design of this humidor allows you to be confident in your purchase. The finish is high quality and scratch resistant. Another great feature of this travel humidor is that it contains a felt lined bottom that prevents any scratches or scuffs on the bottom of the humidor during travel or regular use. It’s ideal for beginner cigar collectors or people who travel frequently and like to carry cigars with them.

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It is recommended to check the status of the humidifier frequently to ensure it is working properly and the cigars do not become dry. Quality Importers believes in high quality and stands behind their products they manufacture which makes purchasing from their company an easy thing to do.

Quality Importers is a reputable brand in the humidor industry, and not surprisingly, we touch on the Capri Glass Top Desktop Humidor from Quality Importers as one of the top 5 available to buy. This one in particular can reside on your desktop and can hold up to 50 cigars at once.

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