Quality Importers Cigar Caddy 3540 Waterproof Travel Humidor Review

People can save their precious and valuable cigars from getting dried out in summer and hot weather via utilizing a amazonbuttoncigar humidor. These humidors make sure that the cigars do not absorb heat and get dry, as dried cigars lose their essence and taste, essentially becoming useless. Upon getting too dry, the cigars lose their appeal and smokers tend to dump them without a second thought. (But can you save that dry cigar?) Useful cigar humidors would keep the cigars moist and prevent them from getting dry in hot environmental conditions.

There are many companies manufacturing cigar humidors but the most recognized and well-known of all the manufacturers is Quality Importers, who have a hand in all kinds of humidors and accessories. The manufacturer is known for its exquisite quality humidors that are available in many models to best suit the needs of a divergent customer population

The Cigar Caddy 3540, shown on their website, is the choice of smokers who tend to travel frequently, and is considered the best judging by majority of cigar humidor reviews. This Quality Importers humidor keeps the cigars fresh and full of taste for days.

The waterproof characteristic keeps the cigars safe in case of any water spillage, and even during extremely hot weather conditions, the cigars are provided with the desired humidity to extend their life. Warm and hot climate does not have any effect on the contents of the humidor, and in case of water breaking in, the caddy would keep floating until it is retrieved.

Top Features of the 3540 Cigar Caddy Humidor

The Quality Importers Waterproof Travel Humidor Caddy 3540 is the perfect travel cigar humidor for people who are always on the go. This unique box is ideal for field professionals to protect their cigars during different climate conditions. This humidor is ranked as one of the best by a number of cigar humidor reviews, and has been consistently referred by its users. It is a well-designed product that not only offers a unique and appealing outlook but also provides great convenience and ease at a reasonable rate. The air tight seal, waterproof shell, and reliable hangs make this humidor the most demanded in market these days.

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This Quality Importers humidor can hold up to 15 cigars and is crafted with ultra-strong abs molded plastic to offer great durability. The humidor can float on the water, and has a waterproof characteristic to one hundred feet deep. The product comes packed with 2 removable locking clasps and reliable stainless steel hinges. There is one humidifier disc incorporated in the lid to maintain the required level of humidity inside the box and the airtight seal makes sure that the environment inside the humidor stays unaffected from outer climate conditions.

How Does the Cigar Caddy Stay Closed and Last Over Time?

The strong and durable plastic makes the quality importers humidor reliable enough to last for years. The two locking clasps make sure that the humidor does not open up while travelling or during extreme climatic conditions. The clasps can be replaced and can be kept at home if desired. The hinges are crafted with top quality stainless steel to prevent damages and bruises. The humidor disc keeps the cigars moist and fresh for long periods of time.

The humidor accomplishes the goal of keeping the cigar fresh with the help of a tight seal and a humidifier that is kept inside the case. The box is closed with cigars inside, and the tight seal makes sure that the cigars stay moist all the time especially during travel. The Quality Importers Waterproof Travel Humidor is an ideal cigar humidor as it can float on the surface of the water, and it can stay under water up to one hundred feet without letting the water break in.

The product weighs 1.1 ounces and is extremely easy to carry around. The size and weight of this amazing humidor by quality importers allows the user to carry it with great comfort. This waterproof travel humidor caddy is undoubtedly one of the top cigar humidors in the market.

Quality Importers is no stranger to humidors for people on the go, such as the smaller 10 cigar one (but not waterproof).

If you’re looking for a similar type of cigar caddy, but one a bit tinier in size, holding 10 Churchill cigars, opt for the smaller 3240 caddy.

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