Quality Importers Cigar Caddy 3240 Waterproof Travel Humidor Review

A person can protect their cigars from becoming too dry by purchasing a cigar humidor. Cigar humidors ensure that cigars will not come in amazonbuttoncontact with elements that could ruin the cigars.  When cigars become too dry, they are considered to tasteless and typically can not and are not smoked. A top cigar humidor will keep moisture out of the box and keep it in the cigars. This is achieved by keeping a tight seal on the box and including some type of humidifier inside the box. Determining how many cigars a person needs to keep fresh will help a person identify which type of cigar humidor they need to purchase.

There are several types of humidors that a person can choose from to add to their collection. One of the most popular types of humidors is a waterproof humidor. This type of humidor is common with people who travel frequently or are near water often. People who own a boat also recommend waterproof humidors to keep on the boat for long trips.

Any accidents on the water with spillage of the humidor will keep the entire container dry as well as the contents within. The water stays out of the humidor and protects the cigars from any liquid that might come in contact with it. If it does come into contact with water, the caddy will simply float on the water until you retrieve it.

One of the best cigar humidors on the market is the Quality Importers Cigar Caddy 3240 10 Cigar Waterproof Travel Humidor. Understanding the top features of this humidor will allow you to make an informed decision if it is the right one for you. By offering the user with the best quality and affordable price, this waterproof humidor is a great option to buy.

Top Features of Cigar Caddy Waterproof Travel Humidor

The Cigar Caddy Waterproof Humidor is a product that many cigar humidor reviews are calling an ideal choice for people that want to be ultra protective with their prized possessions. Set at an affordable price with plenty of exciting features, one look at this Quality Importers specialty will persuade you into taking a closer look at purchasing this product.

The top benefits of this cigar humidor are the reliable hinges, the airtight seal, and the incorruptible outer shell. This waterproof humidor can hold up to 10 cigars, is compact in size, and is extremely durable. The size and weight of this humidor makes traveling with cigars effortless. The density and dimensions of a cigar humidor can be very important factors to consider when traveling with a limited amount of space.

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The humidor itself measures 8 x 4 x 2.5 inches and only weighs 8oz. This makes is convenient to carry around and small enough to fit in a backpack pocket. It is also considered an ideal cigar humidor because it floats on water. The cigar humidor can also be submerged in water up to 100 feet and can still retain its airtight seal. People who perform water activities such as scuba diving, boating, and rafting will find this characteristic beneficial and uncommon. Investing in this humidor will allow you to rest easy knowing that your cigars can not be ruined when you’re around water.

This waterproof humidor is made from strong molded plastic and is essentially indestructible and crushproof. There are two locking clasps to ensure the humidor does not pop open during travel or water activities. The two clasps can also be removed and stored at home or they can be upgraded to aluminum clasps if desired. The actual hinges are made out of high quality stainless steel to avoid any rust or easily broken parts. Inside of the humidor is one humidifier disc to help ensure the cigars stay moist until used. The custom foam that is placed inside help to hold the cigars in place during movement. People who purchase this waterproof humidor will not be disappointed in the quality and benefits it has to offer.

Looking for another high quality Quality Importers travel humidor, opt for the Traveler 10 Cigar option that is similar is size and of the same expected quality as the rest.

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