Quality Importers Capri Glass Top Desktop Humidor Review

Cigar humidors are a wise investment because they keep your cigars fresh and moist until they are ready to be amazonbuttonsmoked. They are meant to keep your cigars at a perfect temperature so that when the time is right, you can enjoy a cigar that is of premium taste and in complete relaxation. Humidors come in a wide range of designs, finishes, and prices. Researching the top humidors will help you narrow down the options for your collection. Acknowledging the type of cigar lover you are will also help you determine which humidor you should purchase.

People who collect cigars seriously will need a bigger humidor with more humidifiers to meet their needs. How often a person smokes will also factor into the purchase as well. Establishing where your humidor will be located in your house will also help you identify what size and finish meet your requirements. If a humidor is positioned in an office, a person may want to have a glass top humidor to display to their clients or business professionals. If it is placed in a home, a cigar lover may want to keep their cigars concealed.

If you’re a person that is more of a modest smoker, you can opt for a desktop humidor made by Quality Importers, a leader of cigar humidors of all different shapes and sizes, including travel size, desktop, glass top, large, and commercial humidors. The Capri desktop glass top humidor is a perfect addition to the home of a cigar owner that likes to keep a small number of cigars on hand (or continually rotates through cigars regularly).

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The Capri Glasstop Humidor is a product that we recommend due to a perfect blend of quality, sophistication, and unbeatable prices for their buyers. At this point it comes down being comfortable with the humidor of your choice and choosing the one that is the best cigar humidor for you.

Top Features of the Quality Importers Capri Desktop Humidor

This Capri Glass top humidor is a smaller desktop option that can hold up to 50 cigars. The inside of this product offers premium kiln-dried Spanish cedar that provides an excellent aroma when opened. The extra dry wood keeps moisture out of the box and keeps the moisture in the cigars. The sleek design of the humidor contains gold plated corner hardware that exemplifies high quality. The bottom of the glass top humidor is lined with felt that makes the product scratch resistant.

The front mount hygrometer allows a person to view the humidity of the humidor without opening the lid. This is convenient to a cigar lover because it keeps you aware at all times when in close proximity. The glass top is made out of tempered glass which is tougher to break and if it ever does break; it does not shatter into tiny pieces. This is considered to be one of the best cigar humidors because it includes the well-known Sureseal technology that Quality Importers offers in most of their humidors. The Sureseal ensures a proper seal every time the lid is shut that keeps moisture out. The metal plate included inside the humidor can be engraved making this a perfect gift.

Overall, the Capri humidor uses quality materials with all the hinges working properly, and containing a nice permanent seal you can be comfortable with. Some people have noted a tempered glass sticker that isn’t easy to peel off. It’s under the lid of the humidor and needs a little bit of elbow grease to remove and then the glass re-cleaned to get it back in its original shape.

If the Capri-Glasstop humidor doesn’t mean all your requirements, you can opt for a number of other Quality Importers humidors that have slightly different appeals and features, such as the Capri-Elegant, El Ray, Milano Glasstop, Old World, Palermo, Solana, and the Tuscany. We’re certain that one of these will meet and exceed your expectations.

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