Quality Importers Amalfi 50-75 Cigar Antique Humidor Review

amazonbuttonA cigar humidor is the box that is designed to store and age the cigar within the optimal humidity range between 68% and 78% at room temperature. These specifications of humidity and temperature are necessary to maintain the quality as well as flavour of the cigar. Cigars are costly things and you cannot let them ruin just because of unsuitable weather conditions.

A humidor must consist of a system for humidification or a device that can effectively add or remove moisture from its interior space in order to maintain the desired level of humidity. It generally consists of a hygrometer to measure the level of humidity inside the box. Most of the personal humidors are made of wood and the inner portions are usually made of Spanish cedar wood.

The main objective of a humidor is to store, preserve and help in aging of the cigars for a number of years, but in addition to it, the humidor can be used as an attractive piece of furniture or even as a family heirloom.

Most connoisseurs of cigar consider the humidor as the object of small investment that actually provides with the facility of protecting much larger parts of their investments, i.e. the valuable cigars, for many years.

Top Features of the Walnut Finish Amalfi 50-75 Humidor

The Amalfi humidor is capable of holding 50 to 75 cigars comfortably. It consists of one large rectangle shaped humidor and one glass hygrometer with brass frame. The sure seal technology that is used in the manufacturing of the humidor actually ensures proper lid seal at the time when the box is closed.

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The inner parts of the box is made from premium quality of Spanish cedar wood that is dried in a kiln and the inner parts consist of a lift out tray along with 2 dividers at the bottom, which are also lined with the same cedar wood. The outer portion of the box is Maple veneered with French style antique distressed walnut finish. The box opens as well as closes very smoothly depending on the quadrant hinges, which are hidden in such a way that they do not hamper the aesthetic beauty of the whole thing. A nameplate made of brass is available that can be engraved according to the choice of the owner and the pulling part is also made of polished brass.

The Quality Importers Humidor has enough room for 75 cigars and this means you will not need to buy a humidor any larger than this, even if you are a rigorous smoker. The simple and attractive design of the box is the USP. The lift out tray of the box is accompanied by a top tray, where you can keep a few of your favorite cigars very quickly. The 2 dividers of the main compartment of the box provide you with the facility to have three areas to keep your cigars in a much organized way.

The humidor unit looks great, but you have to check it at regular intervals as the unit may leak. As you open the humidor, and it opens without any sound, is an indication that there is a problem with the seal. When you are able to identify the problem, you can change the humidor unit and solve the basic problem before the leakage can ruin your favorite and priced cigars. Most of the users are in love with the classic look of the humidor and it really adds to the beauty of your house.

The Amalfi Cigar Humidor fulfills most of the requirements of a cigar enthusiast. You can find many different cigar humidors in the market and the choice of each person may differ from one another, but the Quality Importers Humidor is certainly one of the best and in a league of its own. You can find a review of the smaller version for less expensive price that holds between 25-50 cigars, known as the Quality Importers Capri humidor. The Milano, on the other hand, is a little bigger, holding 75-100 cigars with ease.

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