Prestige Import Group Valencia Glass Top Humidor Review

This Prestige humidor is the real deal for storing cigars. This Valencia product has given the desired results in amazonbuttonmaintaining humidity and keeping cigars secure.  Given the results it delivers, it’s worth purchasing this brilliant enclosure for your cigars. This awesome looking rare Valencia humidor has a capacity to hold up to 120 cigars. It comes with a combination of elegance and sophistication in its design such as its high gloss finish, a huge hygrometer in the exterior, beveled glass touches and inset side handles made of brass to bring out the best in a humidor.

This humidor is an absolute beauty. It’s fitted with removable trays with 2 adjustable dividers made from Spanish cedar. It also has more storage below the tray including a Spanish cedar adjustable divider. The ends of the cedar dividers are made of silicon to enhance proper grip.

Not only that, this humidor from Valencia has become popular due to its state of the art design as it comes along with gold locks, gold plate internal locking hinges made of brass, a huge oblong humidifier and a set of keys. It’s basically a professional looking humidor that will leave all your spectators in awe of it’s finish and functionality.

Top Features of the Valencia Humidor Made by Prestige Import 

This cigar container can offer a storage of up to 120 cigar units. It ensures that the stored cigars does not come into contact with variable humidity and light. The Valencia glass top Humidor is made from lined Spanish cedar wood material so as to maintain its integrity and shape as it keeps the cigars safely inside. The exterior of this humidor incorporates a linear inlay design to give it a premium look and appeal which makes it a rare piece for storing expensive cigars. In addition, the product has a hygrometer and silver humidifier which is highly polished used for monitoring and adjusting humidity freely. This Spanish Humidor from Valencia comes in different colors, therefore you have a wide range to choose from depending on your taste.

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Benefits for Prestige Import Group Valencia Glass Top Humidor

  • The humidor is great for cigar enthusiasts since it can hold up to 120 units of cigars which is a considerable number.
  • The accessories for this Valencia product attach magnetically
  • This humidor comes along with a wide variety of colors and different brilliant designs where one choose from
  • The elegant exterior design gives it an appeal for storing expensive cigars
  • It has a very fashionable linear inlay design from gold locks to gold plated interior brass hinges.
  • Includes a highly polished silver humidifier and hygrometer that one can easily monitor and adjust humidity at will
  • The Valencia humidor is a very secure container that offers safe storage for cigars keeping them away from light and humidity because it’s tightly sealed.
  • This Humidor has a see through glass top and is fully lined with the most genuine and most finest Spanish cedar.


  • The humidor requires a high budget although the features incorporated in this piece of art ingenious is worth the price.


Compared to other humidors, Prestige Import Group Valencia with a glass top is the real deal and easily one of the best cigar humidors available. From its design and functionality, it has a higher competitive edge in the market compared to other humidors. The latest model has a digital hydrometer which makes it easier to monitor and adjust humidity. If you’re looking for both quality and elegance design for humidor to store cigars, then the Valencia glass is the ideal choice. Overall it’s an excellent wooden Spanish humidor. Based on the quality, its capability to operate as intended and its beautiful design, this artistic design deserve to get a 5 star rating.

Check out an alternative Prestige Import option — the Milano Countertop Display Humidor that has similar style and sophistication with a few different features.

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