Dos Caballos Presidente Glass Top Humidor Review

amazonbuttonFor cigar lovers, “humidor” is not an ambiguous word or an unknown instrument. A humidor is a device specially designed to store cigars and maintain their quality and flavor to their original state to provide a unique savor and experience. Cigars are expensive and need to be stored in a sophisticated way to maintain their taste and quality. A humidor provides the solution and facilitates the storing process.

However, not all humidors serve the purpose they are purported to be. Most of the humidors, despite having a stylish look and described functionality, failed to keep the promise and costs cigar smokers a lot. As such, cigar lovers are always searching for a humidor that is well designed, highly functional, reasonably priced and exceed the expectations of the users.

Cigar consumers who would like to keep their cigars fresh, in good shape and moist that will give them the excellent taste and terrific flavors despite storing for a long time, the Presidente Humidor will be a prudent and excellent pick for them.

PRESIDENTE humidor is classy, fashionable and exclusive cigar storing box that is highly expressive of your eloquent and sophisticated personality. It is elegantly designed and has a gloss rose wood exterior, a Spanish cedar interior, a tempered glass top (reminding many of the Quality Importers Capri version) and a large front side hygrometer. It comes with an easy to follow instruction guide so that users can easily calibrate and season and maintain humidity to a level perfect for storing cigars.

Features of PRESIDENTE Glass Top Humidor

The Presidente humidor is a stylish looking, well designed and exclusive humidor, which draws attention of any cigar lover without doubt. It is a rectangular sized boxed with a dimension of 12″ x 8″ x 8“, that has a glossy cherry wood exterior and an aromatic Spanish cedar wood interior. A large outer Hygrometer with brass ring and a tempered glass on the top of the humidor provide it an elegant look and make it an exclusive showpiece for your home or office. The humidor is also available with rosewood exterior.

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The humidor is unquestionably well built. It is solid and properly sealed. The glass on the top of the humidor is also placed and sealed with precision to keep inside moisten to the required level, thus helps maintain the freshness and quality of cigars. Cigar lovers can also display their cigars without the need to open it due to having a glass on the top of the humidor.

Its hygrometer is large, well positioned and highly visible. So cigar smokers can easily check the meter on a regular basis and notice any discrepancy without difficulty. As such, cigars can be stored and preserved to the precise humid condition.

The Presidente humidor has a simple humidification system to keep humidity to a required level. The humidification system maintains the moisture in the air inside the humidor, keeps the humidor within the range of relative humidity (68% – 72%), thus maintain the moisture of cigars. Again, the seasoning process is very simple and the humidor can be prepared to keep cigars in no time at all.

The humidor is equipped with gold plated lock and key set, gold quadrant hinges, a removable tray and divider and an easy to understand instructional guide that help users to calibrate, season, prepare and use the humidor without complexity.

Pros of the Presidente Humidor

  • This is an elegant and trendy showpiece that can be easily placed at home or in the workplace cigar lounge. The humidor is well manufactured and assembled. It is a fashionable décor that expresses classy personality of cigar lovers.
  • Up to 125 cigars can be stored with this humidor.
  • Cigar lovers can exhibit their cigars without opening the humidor due to having the glass on top of it.
  • The humidor comes with an easy to understand manual, which help users to easily season and prepare it to store cigars.
  • The humidor provides a good value for money for cigar lovers. It is a very good tool that helps maintain the humidity to a precise level, thus helps maintain the freshness and quality of cigars for a long period.

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Cons of the Presidente Humidor

  • Though the humidor has a front face large hygrometer, the meter is an analog one and often does not provide accurate readings.
  • Manufacturers are not easily reachable.
  • Despite having a couple of flaws, the Presidente humidor is a high quality product to store cigar and provides good value for money to its users.

It’s hard to ignore a humidor in the $50 range that can carry 125 cigars and is as well built and professional looking as the Dos Caballos Presidente.

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