Cuban Crafters Exotica Ebony Cigar Humidor Review

As cigars are meant to be smoked in a luxurious way, it is only right to care about their storage and presentation. amazonbuttonWhen not properly kept, these can go stale; and you won’t enjoy smoking cigars as much.

If you have the best cigar humidor as a storage system, you can always be sure that your cigars are fresh and pest-free. This will also allow you to carry several pieces of different brands with you so that you can smoke the particular types of cigars that you want when you want to. There’s nothing like having everything immediately accessible and within your reach, rather than having to finish a whole pack immediately just to avoid having stale cigars.

With the Cuban Crafters Exotica Ebony cigar humidor, you’ll have the convenience of storing your favorite cigars in a very beautiful presentation. “Exotica,” which obviously translates to “exotic” in English, is a word that clearly defines it. Just look at it and you’ll see that the craftsmanship involved in its creation is truly amazing.

Top Features of the Exotica Humidor by Cuban Crafters 

What’s really exotic about this model of cigar humidor is the ebony wood finish that mostly comprised the entire unit. Onlookers will surely be impressed by it; and you’ll like having it around your home office because of its decorative effect.

It’s just as impressive inside too, as the interiors are lined with Spanish cedar which is known for its moisture retention capabilities; that’s why it’s a common component of high-performing humidors. Even the aerator tray is made of this type of wood; so the internal setup of the unit is really very efficient.

The construction also includes a small drawer; and this is lined up with felt materials. You can use this compartment as a storage system for your cigar accessories like cigar cutters, lighters, matches, etc. And it really adds to the overall design and beauty of the humidor too.

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On the front side of the unit, you’ll see the hygrometer reading and this lets you monitor the humidity level inside the box without the need to open it. So this design is way better than those models with hygrometers installed inside. But since this is just an analogue hygrometer, you might prefer getting a digital hygrometer just to be sure. It has a spacious interior so you can put an additional hygrometer inside the humidor if you want to.

The Cuban Crafters Cigar Humidor is really a full-featured product. It even has inset handles that make it really easy to carry around. The removable divider also allows you to store more cigars inside the box if there’s a need for it. So instead of just holding around 125 cigars, it can carry so much more, depending on the brand and size of your cigars.

It also comes with a lock and a key. This design makes it look really elegant; and it also gives you the option of locking your humidor if you don’t want other people to have access to your cigars. The item also looks more professional when it has a lock and key, don’t you think so?

But of course, as important as appearances are, you also want a functional humidor that will serve for all your needs; and you have surely seen how versatile and multi-functional this particular model is. Opening and closing the lid is also worth mentioning as the hinges are well constructed for such purposes.

Note, too, that the overall efficiency of the top lid is extremely important when dealing with humidors, as having an air-tight seal is needed in maintaining the right humidity level inside it. And in this particular case, it’s just perfect, as the top lid seals the unit like a suction; thereby keeping unwanted air out of the system.

What about the price? With all these wonderful features, you’re probably expecting to pay a fortune for this model of humidor. The truth is, this type of humidor costs around $400 when you purchase it from cigar stores. But this particular humidor can also be purchased online for only about $120. What a bargain!

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